Aug 16, 2014

To Soren L. Petersen Descendants

Hello Fellow Family Members and descendants of Soren Lind Petersen of Denmark and later Huntsville Utah USA.  I have been searching through old papers collected by my in-laws and have come across another mention of the genetic nerve disease that exists in our family.  As I wrote in an earlier post a few years ago, it would have been VERY helpful to us to know of its existence.  When our six year old daughter started exhibiting signs of the disease it took us several tests and over a year before we learned what it was and how to properly help her.  Because of this it has been very important to me to find lateral family lines that may also have this disease in their family and not yet know in case the knowledge of it can help at some point.  I am not sure if the disease follows the Renstrom line back to Sweden or the Petersen line back to Denmark.  A note made by an unnamed family member leads me toward the Petersen line.  I want to reach out to any descendants of these individuals:
Caroline Petersen and Andrew P. Renstrom
Emma Louisa Petersen and Charles William Wright
Soren Lind Petersen Jr. and Margaret Isabelle Dallimore
Adam Lind Petersen and Anna Matilda Peterson
Katy Lofgreen b. 1842 in Sweden
Josephine Petersen (Harris) b 1869
David Petersen b 1975
Hyrum Petersen b 1883
Maren Lovise or Louisa Pedersen (Franck) b. 1839 in Norway I think, died in Huntsville, Utah
Joseph Lind Petersen b 1876
Alma Lind Petersen b 1878
Olga Louisa Petersen (Wilcox) b 1882
Kanute Thomas Petersen b 1885
Ella Petersen (Farr) b 1887

Our family comes through the Caroline Petersen and Andrew Renstrom line.  There are several cases in their descendants with this disease.  It is called HNPP (Hereditary Neuropathy with liability to Pressure Palsies) but was sometimes diagnosed as CMT (Charcot-Marie-Tooth) until it was learned that this was a seperate disease.  If you or a family member are experiencing unexplained neuropathies, frequent numbness and muscle weakness, you may want to look into this.  You may also want to read my earlier post for more information on our experience with it.  Love from your distant Cousin =)
- Jerusha

Apr 26, 2014

Launa Renstrom Pino

My husband's sister passed away a few weeks ago.  Dealing with loss that is so close to you is very hard especially when it happens in quick succession.  Both (my father in December) were unexpected and both too young. She is loved and she is missed.
Launa Lynn Renstrom Pino
1964 ~ 2014
Launa Lynn Renstrom Pino, age 49, passed away peacefully at home on Monday, April 7, 2014 in Pleasant Grove, Utah. Launa will always be remembered for her energetic enthusiasm, sense of humor, passion for music and her love of her family, friends and life. She leaves a huge void and will be missed and forever loved by all who knew her.
Launa was born May 24, 1964 in Southern California and grew up in Orem, Utah. She graduated from Orem High School where she was involved in a cappella choir and continued singing throughout her life. Launa was blessed with three beautiful children and has always been proud of them and the amazing adults they have grown into. She loves her children without limits and has always encouraged them to develop their talents as she was encouraged by her parents.
Launa worked for Costco for 30 years and had a great impact on her co workers with her fun personality. She enjoyed camping, the out of doors and finding the perfect treasures for their home with the love of her life, fiance James Buckner.
Launa is survived by her fiance James Buckner, her children Nikki Ray Pino Jr., Alexis Breck Pino, Brett McKell Pino, her parents, Keith & Jody Renstrom and Gary E. Robertson, her siblings Keith Renstrom Jr., Greg Renstrom, Leslie Gallagher, Julie Day, John Renstrom, and Mike Renstrom, extended family Arthur Blair, Matt Long, Josh Barbee, Kristin McCoy, and a multitude of nephews, nieces, cousins and friends. She was reunited in Heaven with her grandparents Lester & Esther Berg, Arnold & Ruby Renstrom, Cecil & Kathleen Robertson and stepmother Carol Robertson.
A viewing will be held Sunday, April 13th from 6:00-9:00 pm at the Sundberg-Olpin Funeral Home , 495 South State, Orem UT. Funeral services will be held on Monday, April 14th at 10:00 am at the Grovecreek 8th Ward Chapel, 1176 N 730 E Pleasant Grove. A viewing will also be held prior to the service from 9:00-9:45 am. A "Party for Launa" in celebration of her life will be held directly following the funeral for family and friends. Interment will be at the Timpanogos Memorial Garden Cemetery 1000 N 400 E Orem, UT. Condolences may be sent to the family at

Apr 20, 2014

Lynn Hollis Smith

My father passed away suddenly just before Christmas 2013.  It has been four months now.  It is still hard to believe and it has been so hard to accept that I haven't even wanted to record it or write about it.  Seeing it in print makes it real.  He was not ill and we had no warning.  The family, EMTs and hospital staff worked valiantly to save him but it was not to be.  It was his time, as they say.  I didn't like this New Year's holiday.  I felt I was leaving my dad behind.  I felt like I was being forced to move on and I wasn't ready.  I feel less protected, more vulnerable and alone with my dad gone.  I know he still lives, but we are morning the time we thought we were still going to have with him here.  Each of his children spoke at the funeral along with our mother.  It was a beautiful experience to have such an outpouring of support and love from the community and friends and those who loved my Dad.  All of his siblings came along with several of our cousins, none of which live nearby.  It really touched my heart.  I learned of so many times he had helped others that we never knew about.  My father touched many lives not just through his work and talents but through humble service of his fellow men.  He was greatly loved and it was beautiful to see that.   Here is what I shared at his funeral:

My father lived a life of Greatness:
Great Dreams
Great Strength
Great Energy
Great love of others
Great Intensity and Joy
and a Great servant of the Lord.
His life was an adventure and he took us all on that ride with him.
His energy and enthusiasm when he spoke about learning more, accomplishing more and being more would rub off on me.  He made life and possibilities seem limitless.  He is the reason I choose to go for it when I feel hesitant.  If you never try you have already failed.  Go for it and you will always come out ahead of where you were.
I have always seen him as 100% confident in himself.  If he didn't know how to do something, that didn't matter, he would simply learn how and then do it.  It always amazed me. 
My father was an entrepreneur.  Not to reach any specific goal but to have the freedom to follow his dreams.  His dreams were many, always evolving and always limitless.
He raised us to believe in ourselves, to honor our commitments, to love and serve others, to work hard and find the joy in it.  He taught us to live the Gospel and love the Lord, not only in his words but in how he lived his life.
My father had a great mind.  He loved to read and was always looking for more to learn.  He loved to share stories and discuss.  My favorite times with Dad were on our road trips.  I was able to have time with him and he loved to stop at museums and historical sites along the way.  He always made sure to read everything when we went and he would remember it all.  Then he would spend the next few hours teaching all of us about what we had just seen. 
My dad was a tease.  There were a lot of people who didn't get to see him this way but he loved it.  He would sometimes sneak up behind us and scare us and would tell outlandish stories as if they were true just to watch our reaction and then laugh.  Some of them I believed for years until I grew up and realized how impossible it was.  He loved to play and work with his family.
No matter how much he had, or didn't have, there was always enough to share with others. 
He was an artist, master carpenter and craftsman.  He was imaginative, always thinking and solving problems, designing and creating.  He loved the Lord, his family and his fellow man.
It is hard to let go of someone who is so much a part of you and of whom you have become, especially when you were expecting to have so much longer.  I know it is the Lord's will and everything is at it should be.  He is deeply loved.

Good bye, Daddy. 

His Obituary:
Lynn Hollis Smith, our beloved husband, son, father, grandfather, brother, family member and friend was suddenly called home on Thursday, December 19th 2013 due to natural causes. He was born August 16, 1951 in Salt Lake City, Utah to Florence (Clark) and Hollis Done Smith.
Lynn was a missionary and servant of the Lord as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He loved his work as an entrepreneur, salesman, inventor, and craftsman. His greatest joys came from his family, serving his fellow man, and working in the Temples of the Lord.
Lynn is survived by his wife, Darlene Smith of Gunter, Texas; nine children, Darell (Brent) Hoskisson, Brigham (Aimee) Smith, Adam (Minnie) Smith, Jerusha (Mike) Renstrom, Faith (Cody) Sample, Ammon (Christala) Smith, Dallin (Holly) Smith, Tiaura (Tyler) Renstrom and Jarom Smith; thirty grandchildren; mother, Florence Smith; seven siblings, Ron (Nancy) Smith, Mark (Wendy) Smith, Loretta (Jon) Shupe, Kyle (Jennifer) Smith, Rachelle Byrnes, Alison (Dean) Mirsoltani and Marilyn Donohue; numerous nieces and nephews.
Lynn is preceded in death by his father, Hollis Done Smith.
You are invited to join with us in honoring and celebrating his life: Funeral Services will be held at The Church of Jesus Christ Latter-day Saints, 1900 W. Lamberth Rd, Sherman, Texas 75092, on Monday, December 23, 2013 at 10:30 AM with Bishop Marty Little officiating. Interment will follow at Hall Cemetery in Howe, Texas. A visitation will be held prior to the service beginning at 9:30 AM. Family and friends are invited to a evening Visitation on Sunday, December 22, 2013 at Turrentine-Jackson-Morrow Funeral Home, 300 Pecan Street, Gunter, Texas 75058, from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

Oct 23, 2012

Herman F. F. Journals Update

-  I have just heard from a distant cousin that they are working on a reprinting of the Journals of Herman F. F. Thorup book titled Dedicated Faith and compiled by Renee Blackburn Jacks.  They are adding a missionary list from the descendants of Herman F. F. and are still collecting information.
-  If you are a descendant please share your name, line you are through and where you served so it can be included in the book!
-  Also...if you want a wonderful copy of these invaluable records please let me know also and I will pass on your information.

Thanks!  - Jerusha

Sep 5, 2012

Dedicated Faith

I have finally finished digitizing the pages to the book compiled by Renee Blackburn Jacks, great granddaughter to Herman F. F. Thorup titled "Dedicated Faith, The Journals of Herman F. F. Thorup, 1879-1929"
I chose to photograph the pages rather than scan them and they are saved at a low resolution to save space. It is not the best, but the book is too large for the binding to hold up to a flat scanner.  But you can read it and that is the important part.  Any family that is interested in having a copy just let me know and I will send you the images.  I will update you if I ever locate more books or a better digital copy.
I have only read over a small portion of the pages so far but am already very moved by the hardship he and his family endured and the strength of his faith.  His experiences are powerful and his words are a great strength for his descendants.  What a blessing he has left us, the opportunity to know him and to be touched by his testimony.  Journal writing has great purpose and powerful influence in the present and the future.  Record your journey.  

Aug 2, 2012

Thorup Family Ties

I found a great website for those descended from Herman August Thorup and Marie Christine Christensen.  This may be old news to most of you.  I have become out of touch with what is available on line lately.
Here is the link
It has stories, biographies, photos and other interesting information available such as family recipes!
Thanks to all for sharing this with us.

Jul 30, 2011

Andrew P. Renstrom's 1923 Passport and Photo

In 1923 at the age of 65, a widow for already 15 years, Andrew P. Renstrom went on a third mission to his native land of Sweden. What an example of selfless loving service this man is. It is very exciting to find his passport for this trip because not only does it include vital information, but it had a physical description and a photo of him at this age and also his handwriting. This is one of my favorite things to study in family history. I love viewing the original records, studying their handwriting (paleography) although I am out of practice now, and deciphering what they themselves wrote and thus revealed to us. The continuous search for more documents in the hope of uncovering another clue to the history of our families is a passion for me. I love the puzzle and collecting the pieces and finally fitting a few of them together. It is very exciting and a driving force within me.

From this document we learn:
in the "State of Utah

County of Salt Lake

I, Andrew Renstrom, a Naturalized and Loyal Citixen of the United States, hererby apply to the Department of State, at Washington, for a passsport.

I solemnly swear that I was born at Viksta, Sweden

on December 30th, 1857; that my father,

Eric Pehrson, was

born in Sweden and is now deceased;

that I emigrated to the United States, sailing from Stockholm about

June, 1873; that I resided 50 years, uninterruptedly, in the United States,

from 1873 to 1923 at Huntsville Utah; that I was

naturalized as a citizen of the United States before the Judicial Dist

Court of Utah at Ogden, Utah,

on May 27th, 1882, as shown by the Certificate of Naturalization presented herewith;

that I am the IDENTICAL PERSON described in said Certificate; that I have resided outside the United

States since my naturalization at the following place for the following periods:

Sweden, from 1883 to 1885,

Sweden, from 1889 to 1891,

and that I am domiciled in the United States, my permanent residence being at Huntsville,

in the State of Utah, where I follow the occupation of Farmer.

My last passport was obtained from Have had none on

- I am about

to go abroad temporarily, and intend to return to the United States within 2

years with the purpose of residing and performing the duties of citizenship therein; and I desire

a passport for use in visiting the countries hereinafter named for the following purpose:

Sweden .... Minister of Religion

I intend to leave the United States from the port of New York

sailing on board the Scandinavian - Am. Line on About June 27th, 1923


Further, I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United

States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same;

and that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; So help

me God. Andrew Renstrom

Sworn to before me this 28 day

of April, 1923

John (W. Cl...ty)

Clerk of the US Dist. court at Salt Lake, Utah

(unknown name)"


Age: 65 years Mouth: Medium

Stature: 5 feet, 10 inches, Eng. Chin: pr...ced (pronounced?)

Forehead: High Hair: Light gray

Eyes: Blue Complexion: Fair

Nose: Large sraight (straight?) Face: Med Long

Distinguishing marks Slight scar o...(over?) right eye


April 28, 1923

I, Tillman D. Johnson, solemnly swear that I am a native citizen

of the United States; that I reside at Salt Lake City; that I have known

the above-named Andrew Renstrom personally for 10 years and

know him to be the identical person referred to in the within-described certificate of natural-

ization; and that the facts stated in his affidavit are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Tillman D Johnson

US District Judge Ut

Sworn to before me this 28th day

of April, 1923

John W Cl...ty

Clerk of the US Dist Court at Salt Lake Utah

(same unknown name)

Applicant desires passport to be sent to the following address:

Andrew Renstrom


Weber County, Utah ...?"

Photograph of

Andrew P. Renstrom

at age 65


I, Andrew Renstrom, the person to whom passport No. 280262

was issued on may 3rd by the Secretary of State at Washington, do hereby apply for its

EXTENSION FOR six months

Andrew Renstrom (signature)

Sworn to before me this 22nd day of April, 1924.

R F Fe...d (signature and title of official)

Consul of the United States of America at Stockholm, Sweden.


Amended as requested/as shown by corrections.

Extended for six months, first extension to November 3, 1924."